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Experience and Education

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2009 Started working at Apple

2011 Mac and iOS Certification (ACIT/ACMT)

2021 Programming Essentials Certificate and Associates Degree in General Studies

2022 Associates Degree in Computer Science, Associates Degree in Web and User Experience, and Web Essentials Certificate

2024 Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Bachelors Degree in Web and User Experience


My Process


Using cutting edge prototyping tools, we will work together to plan your website, focusing on the best user-experience.


I will utilize the most up-to-date development envioronment to build the website. Communication will be my priority and is necessary to completing the project on time.


After completing the website code, we will test together thouroughly with end-users to uncover any additional adjustments needed to deliver a beautiful website that you will be proud of.

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