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Project Overview

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Web 2890 Class Assignment


Bootstrap 5, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Studio Code, Javascript, Git, NPM, Netlify

Project Description:

This project was designed to sharpen bootstrap skills in a tutorial atmosphere. The tutorial was created by Vaxa Code and uploaded to Youtube. Our professor then created instructions based on a version of this tutorial for Web 2890 students to follow.

During this tutorial, I created a responsive website and refined my skills in Bootstrap 5, CSS3, and Sass. It also widened my knowledge of appropriate color palettes and font choices.

The experienced I gained by working through this project has been applied to all subsequent coursework and current personal projects.

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Time to complete:

  • 2 Weeks (with instruction)


  • Professor Laura MacLeod

Required Elements:

  • Bootstrap and Javascript elements based on a strict coding tutorial. Replicatiton of given code and styles.

Design Decisions:

  • Design decisions were clearly laid out by the creator of the tutorial created by Vaxa Code.