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Case Study

Picture of Cardeal website on a computer


Web 2890 Class Assignment


Bootstrap 5, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Studio Code, Javascript, Git, NPM, Netlify

Time to complete:

  • 4 Weeks


  • Professor Laura MacLeod

Required Elements:

  • Bootstrap and Sass customization, Hero element, list styles, forms, and utilizing provided Logos.

Design Decisions:

  • During this project, I was given creative freedom to utilize font and color scheme options of my choosing.

Brief Description and Goals:

Hero Section
screenshot of cardeal website hero section

The Cardeal project was built as a car selling-tool as requested by the client. The page was designed to be fully responsive for desktop and mobile devices alike. Some of the requirements included a contact form, hero image, call-to-action, list styles, accordion FAQ section, and carousel testimonials.

Visit Site

picture of persona customer card

During the planning phase for this project, I utilized tools such as Personas, wire-frames, and paper prototypes. This planning phase allowed me to build a strategic outline for the site's functionality.

Because I was thoughtful in the design and planning phase, it cut out unnecessary down time that can happen without these tools.

Design Elements

Color Scheme





Font Families
picture of fonts used for the website, Maven Pro and Rajdhani

I chose to represent this site as professional with complimentary colors. I made sure to select and verify colors that would compliment each other based on their location on the color wheel.

I also used fonts with varying characterists for different design elements. I chose Rajdhani for the header text and Maven Pro for the paragraph and subheading text.

I used Bootstrap as the foundation for the form, button, card, and carousel. I added hover effects to the card and widened them significantly.

For the form, I styled with CSS in complementary colors adding a disclosure to the bottom.

I customized the bootstrap built-in class to style my buttons with the font and color scheme I had laid out for the site.

I styled the initial list with icons from fontawesome.com. I alternated the list to break up the text and draw attention to the content.

The testimonial section included a bootstrap carousel I modified with rows and columns to present the image and text in a meaningful way that would have the best response from the user.

picture of the card used for an auto listing on the cardeal websitet
picture of the form listed on the cardeal website
picture of the button used on the cardeal website
List Style
picture of the list styling of the cardeal website
picture of the customer comments from the cardeal website

Challenges and Outcome

In order to achieve the best results I sought out feedback from peers including a peer in the industry prior to submitting the project for review. I also worked with from my professor, the client, after submission to make any necessary styling adjustments.

We decided that the card sizes should all be similar heights and the text should have adequate spacing from the edges of the screen for user readability. I was able to quickly make these adjustments to both the size of the cards and accordion sections.

picture of fixed faq section on cardeal website

Utilizing my knowledge of Bootstrap and CSS, it was easy to accommodate all client requests and meet the required deadlines for the project. I was able to quickly adapt and deliver a website with all required content, responsive design, and modernization of list styles and a prominent hero section. This was done to ensure the best customer response to the clients new website and draw new clients to the site.